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JUNE 4th, 2024

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JUNE 8th, 2024


Pic of Hagia Sophia

We are excited to announce that the 2024 SFRR-E annual meeting will focus on the theme "From Molecules to Tissues: Redox Biology in Action", and will be held from June 5-7, 2024, at the Movenpick Hotel in Kurtköy, Istanbul.


The importance of imaging tools in redox biology cannot be overstated - after all,

seeing is believing.

This year's meeting on redox biology and imaging will serve as a global platform for experts to discuss the latest breakthroughs in imaging techniques and redox tools and their applications in various biological systems. The event will encompass plenary lectures, symposia, and poster sessions covering a wide range of topics related to redox biology and imaging. Special sessions dedicated to young researchers and early career scientists will offer them a platform to showcase their research. Moreover, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in two dedicated satellite meetings: The satellite meeting at Uskudar University and another one the workshop at Labs@Location Center of Zeiss at Medipol University, which will provide hands-on experience with cutting-edge imaging technologies and tools. 

As always, we will ensure that the meeting is accompanied by social events allowing networking and collaboration in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. We encourage you to take the time to explore Istanbul and all it has to offer, from its rich history and culture to its world-renowned cuisine.


In summary, the 2024 SFRR-E annual meeting promises to be exciting and informative, highlighting the importance of imaging tools in redox biology. We welcome you to Istanbul and the Movenpick Hotel in Kurtköy.


Yours sincerely,

Emrah Eroğlu (Chair) & Nesrin Kartal Özer (Honorary Chair)

Redox 2024 I Annual Meeting of the SFFR-E


We eagerly anticipate your presence at the SFRR-E Annual Meeting 2024. Kindly review the essential registration details provided below in a timely manner. Should you encounter any inquiries while registering, please don't hesitate to reach out to the congress secretariat for assistance.

Following the early registration deadline, please note that seating at the conference dinner will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis due to limited availability.

Deadline Early Bird Registration
23 February 2024

Early registration fees

EUR 500,- Senior researcher

EUR 200,- Junior researcher

Early registration fees

EUR 650,- Senior researcher

EUR 300,- Junior researcher

Industry I Non-academic

EUR 700,- 

Late registration fees

EUR 550,- Senior researcher

EUR 250,- Junior researcher

Late registration fees

EUR 700,- Senior researcher

EUR 350,- Junior researcher

Accompanying person*

EUR 250,-

*) participation at the welcome reception & the conference dinner

Cancellation fees

  15% cancellation fee will be charged in case of cancellation until February 23, 2024 

  90% cancellation fee will be charged in case of cancellation until June 1, 2024

100% cancellation fee will be charged in case of cancellation until June 4, 2024 or in case of no-show.

Timely cancellations must be made in writing to Conventive Kongressagentur GmbH via e-Mail 


Amendment of event format

In case this event will need to be converted into a hybrid (physical/virtual) or a 100% virtual event because of governmental restrictions and limitations of international mobility, you will get informed. Registration fees will stay the same and any preceding (paid) registration will stay valid, but there will be no onsite registration.

Von zu Hause aus arbeiten

Travel grant

Working from Home_edited_edited_edited.j

We are delighted to announce the

opening of applications for SFRR-E travel awards, which will provide support to students and postdocs interested in attending the 2024 SFRR-E Annual Meeting, themed "From Molecules to Tissues – Redox Biology in Action" scheduled to take place in Istanbul, Türkiye from June 5th to June 7th, 2024.


SFFR-E Membership


Possibility for non-members to become individual SFFR-E members:
EUR 15,- for junior researchers

EUR 35,- for senior researchers

Please send an e-mail with details to


Organizing committee


Emrah Eroglu I Istanbul Medipol University, Türkiye

Honorary Chair

Nesrin Kartal Ozer I Üsküdar University, Türkiye

SFRR-E President
Juan Sastre I University of Valencia, Spain

SFRR-E Meeting officer

Brigitte M. Winklhofer-Roob I University of Graz, Austria

Erdi Sözen I Türkiye

Ahmet Kati I Türkiye

Gürkan Öztürk I Türkiye

Asal Ghaffari Zaki I Türkiye

Nilgun Tekkesin I Türkiye

Cüneyt Gülay I Türkiye

International scientific committee

Vsevolod V. Belousov I Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russia

Moran Benhar I Israel Institute of Technology

Enrique Cadenas I University of Southern California, USA

Daniela Caporossi I Università degli Studi di Roma "Foro Italico", Italy

Niki Chondrogianni I National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece

Josiane Cillard I Cerden, France

Andreas Daiber I Universitätsmedizin Mainz, Germany              

Michael J. Davies I University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Karl-Josef Dietz, Bielefeld University, Germany

Emrah Eroglu I Istanbul Medipol University, Türkiye

Bertrand Friguet I Sorbonne Université, France  

Tilman Grune I University of Vienna, Austria

Clare Hawkins I University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Malcolm Jackson I University of Liverpool, UK

Nesrin Kartal Özer I Üsküdar University, Türkiye

Bato Korac I University of Belgrade, Serbia                        

Roland Malli I Medical University of Graz, Austria

Giovanni E. Mann I King's College London, UK

Thomas M. Michel I Harvard Medical School, USA

Patricia Oteiza I University of California, Davis,  USA

Nikolaus Plesnila I Klinikum der Universität München, Germany

Alejandro San Martin I  Universidad San Sebastián, Chile                      

Juan Sastre I University of Valencia, Spain

Corinne Spickett I Aston University, UK

Giuseppe Valacchi I University of Ferrara, Italy

Aphrodite Vasilaki I University of Liverpool, UK

Brigitte M. Winklhofer-Roob I University of Graz, Austria

Conference Roon


Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul Asia Airport

Yenisehir, Millet Cd. No: 31

34912 Pendik/Istanbul

+90 (0216) 625 50 50

About this hotel

Set on a main road, this polished hotel is 2 km from Viaport Asia Outlet Shopping mall, 3 km from Sabiha Gokcen International Airport and 7 km from the Aydos Forest. Warm, elegant rooms have Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and minibars. Suites feature living rooms. Room service is available 24/7.

Amenities include a restaurant and a bar, as well as a wellness center. There's also breakfast and parking.

Istanbul, a city where contrasts converge in perfect harmony. Ancient history meets modern vitality, and bustling streets blend with serene moments. Find your unique impression of Istanbul. In Istanbul, echoes of the past reverberate through historic streets, where iconic landmarks like Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque transport you to a bygone era. Yet, Istanbul thrives in the present, where age-old traditions seamlessly coexist with contemporary life. The bustling bazaars and vibrant neighborhoods pulse with energy, while the Bosphorus offers a tranquil escape. Discover Istanbul, a city where the old and new converge, creating lasting impressions that resonate with your soul.


Exploring Istanbul

During your stay in Istanbul, consider exploring some of the city's ionic attractions.


Grand Bazaar

Dive into Istanbul's vibrant shopping scene at the Grand Bazaar, one of the world's oldest and largest covered markets.



Örtaköy Mosc

UNESCO World Heritage Site,

Hagia Sophia is an architectural marvel

that has served as a cathedral and


It's a short drive from Kurtköy

Mövenpick Hotel. MORE



Bosphorus Cruise

Experience the city's unique geography by taking a Bosphorus cruise, which offers breathtaking views of Istanbul's skyline and historic landmarks. MORE



Blue Mosque

Also known as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, it's famous for its stunning blue tiles and is within easy reach from your hotel. MORE


Turkish Cuisine

Don't miss the opportunity to savor delicious Turkish cuisine. Try local dishes like kebabs, baklava, and Turkish delight at restaurants and street vendors.


istanbul sun dawn



Getting to Istanbul

Recommended Airport:
Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW)

Situated on the Asian side of Istanbul, SAW is an international airport.
It is close to Kurtköy and less than 10 minutes to the Mövenpick Hotel by taxi and it offers convenient access to the Asian side of Istanbul. Transportation options to the hotel from SAW include taxis, shuttle services, and ridesharing apps.

Alternative Airport:

Istanbul Airport (IST)

Situated on the European side of Istanbul, Istanbul

ISTis the city's primary international gateway. It offers a wide range of services and connections to various parts of the world. The airport is approximately 82 kilometers from Kurtköy Mövenpick Hotel. You can easily reach your destination by taking a taxi (which we do not recommend). Instead you can take one of the shuttles of Havaist which directly brings to you to Sabiha Gökçen Airport for 172 Turkish Lira (~6 Euros).


Navigating Istanbul

Public Transportation: Istanbul has an extensive public transportation system, including buses, trams, metro lines, and ferries. The Istanbulkart, a contactless smart card, is a convenient way to pay for your rides on public transportation. It's widely accepted across the city.

For more information please visit:



In the following hotels rooms for delegates have been reserved until

April 15th, 2024

  • Movenpick Hotel Istanbul Asia

  • Hampton by Hilton Istanbul Kurtkoy

  • Ekinci Residence Kurtkoy

  • Nearport Hotel Sabiha Gocken

  • My Palace Rooms Kurtkoy

In the following hotels rooms for delegates have been reserved until

April 15th, 2024

The number of rooms are limited.

The reservations are "first-come - first serve basis".

Room reservations will be handled via the local PCO Prime Congress Management and Tourismus Ltd.



Guidelines for oral presentations

Please hand in your presentation (medium: USB-Stick) to the technician onsite at least 3 hours before your session starts.


Guidelines for poster presentations

Regarding your poster presentation at SFRR-E Istanbul 2024, the maximum size format for posters is 70x100 cm. 


Concerning the poster printing, we offer 2 options:


Option 1: The presenter will print their poster(s) according to the 70x100 cm portrait layout and bring it to the event.


 Option 2: The presenter can send their poster(s) to as a pdf. file with 70x100 cm portrait layout with deadline the 29th May 2024, and we will print it and hang the poster on the corresponding board so it will be ready to use before your arrival. The charge for this option will be 10 € per poster, which will be paid at the registration desk at the venue.* The presenters can choose to take their poster(s) home after the event.  If you choose this option, please keep in mind that the deadline for sending the poster(s) pdf. file for printing is 29th May


Poster boards will be labelled with the preassigned ID-numbers according to the groups displayed in the final program. All poster presenters will be provided with a poster board and pins. 


We kindly remind you the two guided poster sessions that will be held at the meeting, and you can identify which will allocate your presentation in the final program.


Guided poster presentation I on June 5, 2024 from 04.30 p.m. to 06.00 p.m.


Guided poster presentation II on June 6, 2024 from 04.00 p.m. to 05.00 p.m.


All poster presenters should post their presentation on their assigned boards on June 5, 2024 between 07.30 - 09.00 a.m. All poster presenters shall attend their assigned poster session and be prepared for 3' presentation and 2' discussion.


 In addition, free view and discussions for all participants are scheduled during the coffee and lunch breaks on June 5, June 6 & June 7, 2024.


Abstract submission closed!


Enhance your visibility at the Redox Biology Congress 2024

Industry participation plays a pivotal role in the success of this event. Your presence and contributions significantly augment the scientific significance of the congress. By providing you with this manual in advance, we aim to empower you to make the most of the myriad opportunities this event extends to the industry. Our goal is to further fortify our mutually beneficial partnership.


For comprehensive details, please reach out to the congress secretariat:

Ms. Vera Mühl-Ulreich

        +43 664 536 11 37


Are you a PhD student, postdoc, or junior PI looking forward to networking with fellow early career 


Are you a PhD student, postdoc, or junior PI looking forward to networking with fellow early career researchers? 


Join us for the SFRR-E Early Career Researcher events during the SFRR-E annual congress in Istanbul.


Chair ECR subcommittee: Carmen Veith

Co-Chair: Paraskevi (Pari) Kritsiligkou






The Society for Free Radical Research - Europe (SFRR-E) is dedicated to promoting interest in all aspects of research related to Free Radicals in any scientific field.

Congress secretariat

Conventive Kongressagentur GmbH

         +43 664 536 11 37

Local PCO

PRIME Congress Management and Tourism Ltd.

Contact us

Thank you!

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